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Maritime System Simulation

Stricter laws and regulations for the maritime sector in combination with an increasing competition in the transport and tourism markets require sophisticated knowledge in the behavior and interaction of the particular onboard energy systems. Using our simulation services, you will get rid of all uncertainties regarding your propulsion and auxiliary components. We assist you in optimizing the operation of your ships to economic and environmental perfection.

Your Benefits of our Simulation Approaches

Due to the development of computational power, we are able to model and simulate even highly complex energy systems on a fundamental physical basis. Using such a virtual environment offers numerous advantages for our customers in comparison to testing in field operation:

  • Risk-free and cost-efficient testing of new components, operational modes or control architecture.
  • Repeatable test-conditions without external disturbances and stochastic process variations.
  • Easy access to all the process variables, even to those that can hardly be measured
  • Comprehensive abilities for comparing and evaluating different approaches.

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maritime system

Reveal your coupled systems

The technologization on modern ships led to a complex and multiphysical coupling of completely different cycles. As the basic tasks of the crew should be the safe and ontime management of their ship, the optimal operation of subsystems has to be taken over by the ships automation system. In order to apply intelligent and reliable control algorithms, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the potentials and reserves of your fleet. Our expertise does not stop at the primary energy conversion in the combustion engines. We can additionally assist you with all currently available systems, such as:
  • HT and LT cooling
  • WHR systems
  • Seawater cooling
  • HVAC components
  • Exhaust gas treatment
  • Boilers and steam cycles
  • Potable water systems

Hybridization for sustainable operation

For the optimal design of hybrid-driven ships, a preliminary analysis of the proposed load profile provides the first reference points of the systems operational behaviour. Nevertheless, the onboard energy system has to be operated in a very flexible and well thought-out manner. Depending on the complexity of the designed powertrain and its environmental circumstances, the variability of the system control becomes demandingly high. With more than 10 years of experience in the simulation and control of complex energy systems, we evaluate the effect of an intelligently controlled hybrid drive on its physical basis. Modern transient simulation concepts allow us to value the potential of different powertrain configurations for your new builds and retrofits. In order to meet the requirements of the risen level of complexity, we apply a sophisticated intelligent system control for the load distribution, directly tailored to the particular system and corresponding to your preferences.

Straightforward system decomposition

Active components

By using the individual nominal characteristic fields of all relevant components, our simulation tools enable you to quantify and assess your powered aggregates, whether they are electrical, mechanical or hydraulic. We contribute to your system efficiency by suggesting the best operating strategy, even for a highly dynamic mode.

Heat exchangers

Applying our scientific simulation methods enables us to reveal the potentials of all kinds of heat exchangers in your system. From energy to exergy, from NTU models up to 3D-CFD, our investigations will give you the chance to gain full access to the technical details of your system and to benefit from the use of the latest computational and software developments.

Fluid storages

Especially for dynamic system operation, large tanks, boilers and other fluid volumes are providing the ability of big energy storages. Through transient multiphase balance equations for heat and mass, our simulation experts are able to derive valuable improvements for your control system as well as customized suggestions for changes in your system architecture.

Key Services 

  • Digitalization of maritime energy systems, development of virtual test environments - Digital Twin
  • Control system optimization including parameter optimization and innovative control structure design.
  • Energy efficiency improvements based on energy balances and exergy evaluations.
  • Model based decision making for new investments and modernization projects.
Utilizing our innovative simulation approaches in your business can lead to a game changing factor for your success!