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Scientific Services for Our Customers

We provide a wide variety of services from technical R&D services towards education and consulting.

Experimental Engine Research

Fuel Injection Analysis

Exhaust Gas Treatment

Applied Thermodynamics

Energy System Simulation

Fuels and Lubricants Research

Extensive Experience in Key Industries

Our knowledge and experience is based on numerous research and development projects for
major players in their industries. Check out our portfolio to learn more.



Let’s tap into the potential of tomorrow’s combustion engine concepts.


Large diesel and gas engines are the backbone of the global maritime transport system.


An increasing complexity of our energy network requires highly sophisticated tools to run it.

What Drives Us

We do believe in a world with energy easily available to everyone without doing harm to the environment and to the people living in it. Apparently, technology is the foundation and key for this future prospect. Improved variants of today’s energy conversion technology as well as emergent new technologies are to be conceived and engineered. Our contribution to this progress is to support our customers right at this stage of their production cycle in order to make their products equally more competitive, efficient and durable and thus more sustainable.

Satisfied Customers & Partners

We aim to deliver top-class performance every day in our areas of competence. Our benchmarks are satisfied customers and contributing to the steady improvement of technology.