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Cooperation with University of Rostock

FVTR was founded in 2007 by the professors and leading engineers of the Chair of Piston Machines and Internal Combustion Engines as well as the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics. These roots are still the basis for the close cooperation with the University that is maintained to this day.

The declared objectives of this collaboration are the consolidation of Rostock as a location for research in the fields of (maritime) combustion engines and technical thermodynamics and the effective transfer of fundamental research into applied products.

As an important side effect students get involved in industry-related projects early and are a source of highly-specialized graduates later on.


This cooperation includes:

  • Joint publicly funded research projects
  • Support with education by FVTR and close proximity to students for recruitment
  • Corporate publications
  • Exchange on a technical as well as on a research strategy level
  • Support with organization of international conferences


Successful cooperation projects that were completed in the past or are ongoing:




FVTR is the coordinator of the marine diesel engine research project eta-up, with the aim to increase mechanical efficiency of large engines.
LEDF 1 & 2

LEDF 1 & 2

The aim of LEDF 2 is to increase efficiency and reduce emissions of marine Dual Fuel engines while coping with varying gas qualities.
Girl's Day

Girl's Day

Girl's Future Day 28.4.2022