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Rostock Ship Machinery Conference

After the cancellation of the conference in 2021 due to coronavirus pandemic, we are very pleased to invite you to the 3rd Rostock Ship Machinery Conference.

3rd Rostock Ship Machinery Conference
20 21 September 2023
Radisson Blu Hotel Rostock


Through its compact, well-chosen programme, the conference provides up-to-date knowledge and insights from the fields of development, manufacturing, and operation of ship machinery systems.


Leading shipping companies, reputable manufacturers and service providers, insurers and classification societies will inform you about:

  • political framework conditions
  • challenges from the perspective of ship owners
  • new ship and system developments
  • alternative propulsion systems
  • CO2-free and CO2-neutral fuels
  • efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly ship engine systems
  • retrofitting, as a sustainable way to decarbonisation in shipping
  • heavy damage and its prevention



The conference is organised in cooperation between MET GmbH, Fraunhofer IGP and FVTR GmbH.



The programme, registration and further information will be available here soon.

For regular updates, also visit and follow the conference's LinkedIn page!