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Fuel and Lube Oil Assessment & Analytics

Fuel and Lubricant analysis is an integral element of many of our research projects. In addition to analytics according to current specifications, we offer the development and validation of new analytical methods for fuels and lubricants. We have many years of experience in the field of assessment of new fuels, efficiency testing of additives, deposit analytics on particle filters and engine parts.

Key Benefits for Your Product

  • Competitive advantages through precise knowledge of changed composition and new features of future fuels
  • Comprehensive recommendations for use of new bio-, synthetic or marine fuels / fuel blends
  • Use of tailor-made analytical methods
  • Continuous and quick adaption of analytical methods to changes in the market
  • Consultation and detailed problem/result discussion
  • Fast processing of analyses in case of engine damages
  • Close contacts with standardization bodies and fuel networks

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