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Large Engine Testing

As a research and development service provider for combustion engines, FVTR GmbH has specialized in the field of large bore engines. The direct relationship to shipping and a long tradition in marine research at the Rostock site are the basis for our passion for large engines. Altogether, three test benches in the large engine scale are currently available for your project ideas. The powertrains of the single-cylinder research engines are partly modular allowing for different power units to be installed and operated.

Key Benefits for Your Project

  • Modern engine test benches
  • Established site for the development of marine engines
  • Expert knowledge in test bench built-ups
  • Tailor made and accessible Engine Control Unit architecture
  • State-of-the-art exhaust gas measurement systems
  • Large fuel infrastructure including HFO, special fuels and gas mixing facility
  • Close connection to all major engine manufacturers

Are you interested in further information? Feel free to contact our friendly experts. Together we will find a solution for your challenges.