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Large Engine Testing

As a research and development service provider for combustion engines, FVTR GmbH has specialized in the field of large bore engines. The direct relationship to shipping and a long tradition in marine research at the Rostock site are the basis for our passion for large engines. Altogether, three test benches in the large engine scale are currently available for your project ideas. The powertrains of the single-cylinder research engines are partly modular allowing for different power units to be installed and operated.

Key Benefits for Your Project

  • Modern engine test benches
  • Established site for the development of marine engines
  • Expert knowledge in test bench built-ups
  • Tailor made and accessible Engine Control Unit architecture
  • State-of-the-art exhaust gas measurement systems
  • Large fuel infrastructure including HFO, special fuels and gas mixing facility
  • Close connection to all major engine manufacturers

Are you interested in further information? Feel free to contact our friendly experts. Together we will find a solution for your challenges.

Challenges in Marine Engine Development

Marine engines are the backbone of global trade and one of the most energy efficient technologies available. Nonetheless, increased public awareness of shipping as a source of pollution and the further tightening of exhaust legislation leads to considerable challenges. On top of that shipping is a major emitter of CO2 and thus responsible for a contribution to CO2 emission reduction. Both challenges are attributed by organisational measures such as slow steaming and by technical ones such as new fuels and new technologies. Against this background, we are looking forward to assisting you within your development projects.

Our Development Services

  • Combustion process development e.g. for new fuels
  • Development of operating strategies for hybrid and transient applications
  • Component testing: sensors, injection components, turbochargers and more
  • Development of HFO-capable common-rail injection systems
  • Test of exhaust gas treatment components under HFO operation
  • Fuel and lubricant tests
  • Investigation of scrubber technologies with down-scaled as well as original systems
  • Study of the effect of fuels with high sulphur contents on exhaust gas treatment components
  • Investigation of fouling and condensation in EGR-coolers
  • Minimizing of parasitic loses at medium speed engines

Large Engine Test Beds

Test BenchHeavy Duty Single-Cylinder1 VDS 18/15MaK 6M20
Typesingle cylindersingle cylinderfull engine
Bore140 mm150 mm200 mm
Rated speed2,300 rpm1,500 rpm1,000 rpm
Power86 kW80 kW1,000 kW
Dyno440 kW160 kW1,050 kW

Fuel Infrastructure

In addition to conventional liquid fuels, our fuel infrastructure also offers the possibility of using heavy-fuel oils of various qualities and special fuels:
  • Diesel according to DIN EN590
  • Marine fuels of various qualities: MDO / MGO, IFO 180 to IFO 540
  • Special fuels: methanol, ethanol, HVO, OME, DME
  • Natural gas at different pressure levels: 20, 250, 600 bar
  • Gas mixing facility: additional dosing of CO2 and C3H8 for methane number variation
Through the cooperation with other working groups in the company, engine issues can be dealt with holistically:
  • Investigation of injection and mixture formation processes at own and specialized injection test benches
  • Analysis of customer samples in the fuels and lubricants laboratory
  • Simulation of the combustion process by our own experienced and well-equipped CFD-team

Exhaust Gas Analyzation

For the investigation of emission-relevant components or operating strategies, modern exhaust gas analyzing systems are available:
  • Certification-relevant measuring systems (FID and CLD) for NOx, CO2, HCs
  • FTIRs for the measurement of up to 24 special gases like N2O, NH3 and SO2
  • Determination of FSN with smokemeter
  • Mobile particle measuring station: particle concentration, number and size