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Gas Engine Testing

As part of the energy transition and an increasing customer demand for environmentally friendly powertrains and propulsion solutions, gaseous fuels are attracting particular attention in the field of personal mobility, but also for industrial and marine applications. FVTR contributes to this energy transition with its work in the research area of gas and alternative fuel engines. A comprehensive gas infrastructure and three test benches with a wide power range are currently available for your project ideas.

Key Benefits for Your Project

  • Modern engine test benches
  • Expert knowledge in pilot spray and spark plug ignited gas combustion processes
  • Natural gas infrastructure for three different pressure stages: 20, 250 and 600 bar
  • LPG supply in liquid and gaseous form
  • Gas mixing facility (CO2 & LPG) for adaption of methane number and heating value
  • State of the art gas chromatograph for analyzation of gas qualities
  • Compliance to highest safety standards

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