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Gas operated marine engines have the particularly high potential to reduce harmful emissions such as NOx, SOx and particles paired with reduced CO2 emissions compared to standard diesel engines. Worldwide operating ships on the other hand shall be able to accept differing natural gas compositions of different bunker sources. To address this challenge LEDF 2 therefore contributes to the development of new technologies enabling the automatic adaptation of the combustion process on the basis of cylinder pressure measurement and next cycle control.

FVTR is a partner in the BMWi-funded research project with LKV of Rostock University as the coordinator and operator of the LEDF single cylinder engine. Caterpillar, Schaller Automation, Kolbenschmidt and KBB are associated partners.

Our tasks are the development and the application of LES simulations methods to large engines in order to quantify cyclic variations in the mixture formation and combustion processes.

Feel free to visit the LEDF website or contact Karsten Schleef for further information.