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Condensation Test Bench

Exhaust gas condensation plays a major role in many engine related applications. On the one hand this physical effect gives rise to large potentials like onboard water collection from the exhaust gas stream, on the other hand critical challenges such as corrosion, fouling and blocking of coolers occur. To address this challenge FVTR developed a phase transition test bench, in order to study exhaust gas condensation phenomena for nearly every fuel by using synthetic exhaust gas. The modular design of the test bench allows for testing varying exhaust tract components with little cost and effort. Furthermore, the CTB is the tool of choice for validating to validate our in-house exhaust gas condensation model which predicts local condensate mass flows und compositions.

The phase transition test bench was developed within the scope of a publicly funded research project with the aim of studying practical and theoretical aspects of exhaust gas condensation in detail. Our expertise is the combination of validated exhaust gas condensation models (1D to 3D) and a wide range of experimental research options using our phase transition test bench as well as engine based tests.

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