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Experimental Investigations

Exhaust gas treatment is one of the most effective measures to comply with current and future emission limits for combustion engines in all applications and markets. Using FVTR’s long-standing experience in the field of exhaust gas treatment components and systems we can assist your R&D topics with different experimental approaches.

Key Benefits for Your Project

  • Fast response and testing according to your specifications
  • From automated tests to individual special test arrangements
  • From lab-scale testing to full-scale tests and field test support

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Exhaust Gas Treatment – Chance and Challenge

In all fields of combustion engine applications legislation is tightening. This is valid for on-road, off-road and even marine application. To comply with current and future limits using effective and efficient exhaust gas treatment system is absolutely necessary.

FVTR is your partner in developing, testing and modelling different exhaust gas treatment components from DOC to DeSOx units. Using a proper system simulation we can also help you developing appropriate operating and control strategies.

From Lab-Scale to Full-Scale Testing

FVTR can support your R&D from lab-scale benchmark testing to find the right catalyst formulation to scaled system tests on engine dyno test beds for dimensioning or long-term stability up to full-scale tests on our test beds or a support of external field-tests.

In-house we can support you with a synthetic gas test bench, hydro-thermal oven ageing of exhaust gas treatment components, different engine dyno test beds, a marine auxiliary diesel engine, appropriate measurement equipment for gaseous exhaust gas components as well as particulate matter. Furthermore we can support you with the services of a fuels and lubricants laboratory including deposit analyses.

Engine Based Testing

Long-term testing, component or system testing is possible on our passenger car or medium sized engine dyno test beds. This can be assisted by developing of control strategies. Using our test beds we can offer you full-scale testing from passenger car size diesel or gasoline systems up to marine application systems on our HFO fired one MW auxiliary Diesel engine. We also support your field-tests with our know-how and our measurement equipment.

Special Test Arrangement

You have special demands on a component or system tests? We redesign the test setup to meet your specifications!

Synthetic Gas Test Bench

A Synthetic gas test bench is the tool of choice for:

  • Automated benchmark tests
  • Catalyst formulation development
  • Tests of different boundary conditions independent from engine load maps, e.g. temperature, exhaust gas composition, pressure
  • Determination of model parameters

Our tests are designed for your task:

  • Characterization of single EGT
  • Storage and desorption behavior e.g. for NH3
  • Separation of single reactions e.g. in a SCR reaction mechanism
  • Variation of boundary conditions

Different exhaust components such as CO, SO2, NO, NO2 or HC are dosed to a basic exhaust gas mixture of N2, O2, H2O and CO2 and conditioned in temperature and pressure. This mixture passes a catalyst core sample and conversion rates are determined by an exhaust gas analyses downstream the catalyst sample.