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Energy System Simulation

Today‘s design and operation of modern energy systems experience fundamental challenges in a world of growing complexity, interaction and digitalization. Our services and products will guide you through demanding tasks for modernization, optimization and extension of existing energy systems or the perfect design of new energy systems. Based on our simulation services, your solutions will always be one step ahead of your challenges.

Your Benefits of our Simulation Approaches

Due to the development of computational power, we are able to model and simulate even highly complex energy systems on a fundamental physical basis. Using such a virtual environment offers numerous advantages for our customers in comparison to testing in field operation:

  • Risk-free and cost-efficient testing of new components, operational modes or control architecture.
  • Repeatable test-conditions without external disturbances and stochastic process variations.
  • Easy access to all the process variables, even to those that can hardly be measured
  • Comprehensive abilities for comparing and evaluating different approaches.

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