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Current large engine technology is characterized by high indicated efficiencies compared to car and truck engines but also comparably high mechanical losses. Since durability is of highest importance for large engines this was accepted as a design feature for a long time. With increasing demand for energy efficient and at the same time emission optimized engines the mechanical and parasitic losses are attracting increased attention.

The publicly funded research project eta-up is therefore at the forefront of minimizing these losses. Basis for this is the Caterpillar MaK 6M20 that is operated at our facility. The engine and the whole test bed was completely modernized and measurement equipment advanced in order to generate precise data on friction losses, parasitic losses of pumps and the complete temperature characteristic of the engine components and media circuits.

The project itself is a collaboration between FVTR as coordinator and LTT (Rostock University), Caterpillar, IST and IVB (TU Braunschweig). Additionally several other industry partners participate in these fundamental investigations. Feel free to visit the eta-up website or contact Karsten Schleef for further information.